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Ashley's Story


On September 19, 2013 Ashley Morris Mullis was a 28-year-old mother of three who was legally separated from her estranged husband at the time of her disappearance. A 62-year-old male named Daniel York Sr. befriended Ashley when she visited his auto repair shop seeking assistance with a vehicle repair.

Daniel York Sr. was a married man with a known penchant for younger women, it is our own opinion that Daniel York Sr. was a manipulative narcissistic individual that homed in on Ashley’s vulnerabilities.

An extra martial affair ensued resulting in the subsequent birth of a baby girl six months prior to Ashley’s disappearance.

To demonstrate the depth of deception used Daniel York Sr. relocated Ashley and her children into one of his rental properties. In turn he provided the rent money to Ashley instructing her to give said money to his spouse Sheila York.

Consensus among those connected with Ashley’s case is that at the onset Sheila York was unaware of the extra martial affair her now deceased spouse was having with Ashley. The reason they support their premise is that Shelia York refer to the baby girl as her granddaughter after Ashley’s disappearance.

Within a short period of time after Ashley’s disappearance several things occurred.

Ashley’s estranged husband petitioned the courts for an emergency custody hearing and gained full custody of both male minor children and was subsequently granted a divorce.

Daniel York Jr. the son of Daniel and Shelia York Sr. passed away shortly after Ashley's disappearance.

Daniel and Shelia York Sr. moved away to Florida taking the baby girl with them, Daniel York Sr. became ill and subsequently died in Florida on September 15, 2015. After his demise Shelia York manipulated the the legal system in Florida in her favor so that she could adopt the baby girl without any consideration being given to what is in the minor child’s best interest child.

What is appalling to us is that the Florida and Indiana courts totally disregard judicial family law and the legal rights of said child. We believe this adoption was illegal and NOT in the best interest of the child. Any reasonable person would reach the same logical conclusion taking into consideration that said child was born out of an extra martial affair and is NOT in any way shape or form related to Shelia York.

Mr. & Mrs. Morris have not had the opportunity to have access nor contact with their beautiful granddaughter since the inception of Ashley’s case nor was any consideration given to the fact by the Florida or Indiana court system that the Morris’s are her God given legal biological grandparents.

In the interim Ashley’s parents are juggling multiple emotionally draining and gut-wrenching circumstances simultaneously. Not only are they actively seeking answers to what happened to their beloved daughter Ashley 24 hours a day seven day a week for several years now.

They were required to retain the services of not one but two attorneys Indiana and Florida dutifully to fight for their rights as the grandparents of said minor child in addition to petitioning the courts to be a representative for their missing daughter Ashley.

This entire situation smells pungent with the stench of Corruption!

Mr. and Mrs. Morris have on numerous occasions have had to contend with unscrupulous individuals that have inserted themselves within Ashley’s case. After careful deliberation we have decided not to provide this information because this is about the Morris’s families plight and not about giving scum of the earth limelight that they so desperately crave but we want to warn other families of the missing so that they too do not fall prey to individuals that interject themselves with in your loved ones case.

As if all the aforementioned is not enough for this family to contend with we have discovered upon research that Daniel York Sr. was a person of interest in the death of Heather Musick of Muncie, Indiana.

As for the now decease Daniel York Sr. when he was confronted by both Mr. Morris and the leading Investigator regarding Ashley’s whereabouts here is his response.

“Dan, he let it be known Ashley left and dropped her daughter off and needed to clear her head. But he was quick to tell Don standing in that shop don't bother trying to ping her phone because Ashley always took her battery out of her cellphone and wrapped it in foil so nobody could track where she was. All he's was concerned about is letting repeatedly letting others know he has their daughter and he has her social security card and his representing attorney was Mick Alexander.”

Mick Alexander is now deceased while not amusing in the least, we do feel his obituary pretty much sums up who he was and the immense amount of power that he wielded within the community and we feel this contributed to the Morris family grief because it appears that Mick and Daniel had a case of the good ole boy syndrome going back for years.

We believe that someone knows exactly what happened to Ashley and we are thoroughly convinced people are intimidated out of fear for their own welling being. We are asking you on behalf of the Morris family to put yourself in their shoes be brave and step up and tell what you know to the authorities, do it anonymously but just please just do it!  Bring this family’s suffering to an end.

Please Contact Detective Kurt Walthour with “ANY” information that you may have, even if you are unsure if it relates to Ashley’s case or not.

Delaware County Sheriff's Office

Detective Kurt Walthour


Case Number 2013-25263